High School Credit Program

High School Soccer Credits!

**If you Love Soccer then this program is for you!**

Join the Soccer Academy and attend Erin District High School to practice Soccer during school hours to earn your High School Credits!!!

You attend classes from 9am until 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

  • During the day you have 1 Soccer Skill Class or 1 Fitness Class
  • Every day after school you have 1 Soccer Skill session or 1 Fitness session

​You will continue to practice & play for your Club so our program is to assist you to become an even better player during the off season.

The program has been designed for students that want to pursue the opportunity of working towards a Scholarship to College/University, Selected by a European Youth Academy or Becoming a Pro at 18!!!

The Academy Fee is $1500.00 for the school year (September to June).

Billeting Program is available for out of town Students.

Please see our full Flyer HERE!

We will assist you to become the Best Player that you can be!


This Opportunity has been created by the following people and Organizations.

Gareth Elliott – Head Coach, Rhode Island University NCAA Div 1 - http://www.garethelliottsocceracademy.com/


Richard Bucciarelli – President, Soccer Fitness Inc - http://www.soccerfitness.ca/


Joe Medcalf – Regional Soccer Director, Challenger Sports - http://www.challengersports.com/pages/ontario.aspx


Fredrik Backman – President of HEADS - http://www.headsoccerclub.ca/contact.html


Orlin Chambers - Player Manager - Coaching & Playing Experience


Erin District High School - http://www.ugdsb.on.ca/edhs/about/article.aspx?id=578


For more information on the program please go to www.headsoccerclub.ca

or contact Fredrik at president@headsoccerclub.ca