Ref Centre

H.E.A.D.S. uses Ref Centre for all referee assignments

1. Go to
2. Once you are logged in go through every page in the Preference area to set up your preferences
3. Finally go to the Games area and select the Availability tool. Check off the days that you are able to referee and click the submit button

If you have set up your account correctly you will shortly be receiving emails with invitations to referee

If you have difficulty please email our referee assigner at or our Club Head Referee at

Here are some FAQs on Ref Centre

Step by Step Instructions

Before you can be assigned any games, you must update your preferences in RefCentre for this season

RefCentre Updates

You must complete ALL the steps below.

Set your preferences under the Preferences menu

1. Preferences – Leagues

  • For Senior Refs – select all leagues that you are interested in refereeing for.
  • Submit

2. Preferences -  Clubs

  • Check the clubs you wish to officiate for. You can select more than 1
  • Submit

3. Preferences -  Day

  • Set all days to one of the clubs selected above.
  • Submit

4. Preferences -  Fields

  • Click Hillsburgh and Erin
  • Set your field preferences for all fields Note - Use Preferred or Not Acceptable, don't use Acceptable.\
  • Click other regions and repeat as needed
  • Submit

5. Preferences -  Divisions (Note: when you select a new club, you need to be "accepted" by that club before the divisions become visible. This can take 1-2 days)

  • Click each club or league to expand
  • Set your division preferences to AR or Ref / AR
  • Submit.

Once you have set your preferences for clubs, locations and divisions, you need to update when you are available

Under the Games Menu – set your availability for each day

6. Games – Availability

  • Check the boxes for days you wish to referee. Do not check nights you play or practice.
  • Update
  • Change Month to June
  • Repeat
  • Update
  • Change to July
  • etc.