Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the players start to travel to other towns?

Under 12, 14, 16, 18 boys and girls will travel to surrounding towns such as Grand Valley , Georgetown, Bolton, Acton, Caledon, Puslinch etc.

Q: Why do they have to travel at all?

We do not have enough players in our own house league so we must play against towns close to us.

Q: When is a game cancelled?

A game is cancelled when there is lightning. Rain, sleet or cold does NOT cancel a game. You need to go to the field and a referee will make the final decision.
PARENTS: If you feel that your child should not be on the field it is your responsibility to go to the coach and have him call your child off the field.

Q: When does the Outdoor Season begin?

It begins the week of the May long weekend. If you have not received a call from someone before that week you need to call our Administrator at  519-855-4431

Q: When does the Outdoor Season end?

Some of the older divisions end in August but our Non Travel House League (under 10, under 8, under 6 and under 5) will conclude on the our Gala Day - details on the registration page.  Our Gala Day is when each team will play a fun game, receive a trophy and usually a drink and hot dog.

Q: With what Leagues is H.E.A.D.S. involved?

Under 16 & 18 Boys and Girls play in the North Peel Halton Soccer League.
Under 12 Boys and Girls, U14 Boys and Girls play in the Escarpment Soccer League.
All of these players play at home (Barbour Field) and travel to fields in the other Clubs affiliated with their respective league.

Q: Who can Referee?

We offer two different refereeing courses.

  • Small Sided Referee Course which is for people 12 and 13 years of age (1 day 6 hour program) 
  • Entry Level Referee Course (formally known as C4 course) which is for people who are 14 years of age. (2 day 12 hour program)

Q: I took Small Sided Referee course last year, do I have to take it again?

For those that have taken the Small Sided Referee Course you will be required to take it again in order to be able to referee for the next season.

For those that have taken the C4 or Entry Level Referee course, you do not have to take it over, but must register with OSA in order to be an eligible referee.

Q: How can I earn Volunteer Hours?

You can earn hours by coaching, helping with registration, assisting on Gala Day etc.  Contact an executive member for more information.

Volunteer Hours are part of the High School requirements in Ontario.

Q: Can I have my child play a level up or down?

Under certain situations a child could play a level down but this must be approved by our District, the Southwest Region Soccer Association.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to have your child play down and we will submit a request to SWRSA for approval at one of their upcoming meetings.  

A child may play a level up if there is room in that division and once approved by the executive/registrar.  Please make note of this at the time of registration.

Q: For what does my registration fee pay?

The registration fee pays for insurance, trophies, uniform, pictures, field rentals, referees and office supplies (newsletters, photocopying). Older teams also pay league fees and lighting costs.

Q: Why is there a $50 fee to replace a lost players book.

SWRSA tracks the players books and will charge our club this fee to replace it.

Q: Why do old books have to be sent in?

SWRSA tracks the players books and will charge our club this fee to replace it.