Volunteers Needed!

We currently have many support positions that only require 1-6 hours per month.

Our available positions and the average time commitment per month are listed below;

Join our group and help us make soccer even better in our town!


Position Average Time Commitment Duties
 ESL/NPHSL Rep 1-4 hrs/mth  travel team rep duties 
Uniform Jan-Apr 2-4 hrs/mth & June-Dec. 2-3 hrs/mth uniform duties - tbl
Photographs 2-3 hrs/mth photo duties - tbl
Head Referee 2-6 hrs pre season-season play time head ref duties - tbl
Assistant Referee 2-6 hrs pre season-season play time
assist ref duties - tbl
 Assistant Coach 2-6 hours mid season assist coach duties - tbl
Head Convenor 2-5 hrs/mth  head convenor duties - tbl
 Rep Convenor 2-5 hrs/mth rep convenor duties- tbl
 Convenors - all age groups  1-5 hrs/mth - May to August convenor duties - tbl
 Coaches - all age groups 4-5 hrs/mth - May to August coach duties - tbl